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The Filofax Malden I bought last year has served its purpose admirably. I enjoy keeping track of my errands in a physical paper calendar that I can scribble on and decorate as I wish, and it is also an excellent way to carry the most acute to-do lists and notes with me wherever I go. There is just one downside: as long as I’m using the planner for these daily, mundane (but important!) things, I don’t feel it is suitable for other types of journal keeping.

The problem, obviously, would be solved with using another planner or a notebook alongside the Malden. I have no shortage of different kinds of notebooks, but I didn’t want to go for a bullet journal type of a solution (although I have been meddling with that as well). The traveler’s notebooks of The Traveler’s Company (formerly known as Midori) had intrigued me for a while. Once the thought had properly crept into my brain, it all went from “these look nice” to “these are the best thing ever, why haven’t I already got one” in a surprisingly short time. Who am I to defy these strange whims? So, I bought myself a traveler’s notebook. Not one, actually, but two. “Oops”.

Once I got my two traveler’s notebooks, it was time to decide what to actually use them for. For now, I’m not going to use either of these as my daily calendar. The thought is tempting, but I have my Malden already for that purpose, so I’ve come up with a few other ideas instead.

Let’s take a closer look at the notebooks and what’s inside them:

Behold! The black one looks like delicious licorice. The brown one is already showing some markings that are supposed to increase with time and use, and that give the notebook a slightly rugged look. Inside the black cover there are three notebooks and a zipper case, and the brown one holds two notebooks and a kraft file folder.

The brown notebook shall hold ideas and inspirations related to my passion for creative writing, and the black one will carry a changing collection of other items. I’ll find out soon enough if the things I’ve included work out or not, so I won’t worry about that. The concept of these notebooks is to be easily customizable to suit the needs of the user; the covers can hold more than one notebook, so if the individual notebooks are used for a certain thing(s) only, it is easy to change and modify what’s included.

For the moment, the setups look like this:

Inside the brown cover there is first a blank paged notebook, decorated with stamps, stickers and a quote that didn’t fit in its entirety, because I ran out of space (the whole quote should have been “You write so beautifully… the inside of your mind must be a terrible place”, but, alas). This notebook I’ve dubbed the inspiration notebook; in it I will collect things that inspire me to write. Between the two notebooks there is a folder, undecorated and mostly empty for now, except for a pad of sticky notes. The second notebook is the idea notebook, where I mean to record ideas that are directly related to my writing projects, future and present.

Inside the black cover there is first a zipper folder and a green-covered notebook, both of which are empty for the time being. The green notebook is actually an undated calendar insert that will become a sort of a memory dump, or a diary of sorts. It will cover six months so I’ll have to wait until July before I start filling it (I am fussy like that). Next, there is a lined notebook dedicated to books and reading: inside there will be lists of books I intend to read or books I want to buy or books I have read or books that sound interesting… well, you get the picture. Last, there is a travel journal, where I intend to record my travels out in the big wide world.

That’s it for now: consider me dazzled with the awesomeness of these things!

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    April 23, 2017 at 19:25

    What an awesome post. Really love the way you write <3 can't wait for an update on these beauties.

    • Reply
      April 23, 2017 at 19:40

      Thanks! :) Updates will follow, I’m sure. My hands are itching to decorate that green notebook, so it remains to be seen if I’ll manage to stick to my decision of waiting until July. Oh, the agony of waiting!

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