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My fascination with old photographs began when I was about eleven years old. I was visiting London with my mother, and happened to come across a beautiful photo album in some small antiques shop on Portobello Road. It felt almost magical to look upon the faces of people who had lived and died so long ago, and to see places that had changed so much since the days the pictures were taken. I didn’t get to bring the album back home with me, unfortunately, and it took several more years before I finally got my first album of old photographs from an antiques market in Finland. It was nowhere near as grand as the one I’d seen in London, but it was a start.

Since that day my collection has been slowly growing. At the moment my collection consists of a few hundred photographs, the earliest dating from the 1860’s and the newest ones from around the 1940’s. I still consider my collection to be very humble, but interesting enough for sharing with others. I own an actual physical copy of each picture displayed as a part of my collection on this site. It is not my intention to post photographs from other sources here.  The datings of the photographs are usually just estimates and may contain errors, since I am by no means an expert of dating old photographs. Corrections and suggestions are gladly accepted.

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The collection has been sorted in several different ways for easier browsing (and mostly because I like to but things in neat order): you can browse the pictures sorted by a subject/theme, by century, by decade, by photographer/studio and by country or city of origin. Find the complete list of these tags right below.


animal companions · children · colonialism · costumes · couples · families · funerals · gentlemen · hobbies · ladies · mourning · musicians · theatre


19th century · 20th century · 1860's · 1870's · 1880's · 1890's · 1900's · 1910's · 1920's · 1930's


A. Andersson · Art Studio · Atelier Englund · Aug. Schuffert · August Roesler · Bercamasco Photographe · Fritz Hjertzell · Georg Nyblin · Gösta Florman · J. Indursky · K. Anderson · K.E. Ståhlberg · Oscaria Sarén · Skilnadens Atelier · Tampereen Uusi Valokuvaus Atelieri · unknown photographer · V.A. Rautell · Valokuvaamo Salo · Waldemar Dahllöf

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Congo Free State · Finland · Helsinki · Lahti · Loimaa · Russia · Salo · St. Petersburg · Stockholm · Sweden · Tampere · Turku · Vaasa · Vadstena · Viipuri

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