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A Peek Into My Cabinet of Curiosities

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Being the efficient person that I am, I only just now got around to re-organizing my cabinet of curiosities for the first time after moving to a new apartment in July. It took a few months and a sudden burst of energy, but now the cabinet is presentable once more! To celebrate this, I thought it would be nice to introduce my humble collection of curious items. So, without further ado……

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Microscopically Huge Treasures

Since the day I began to build up my collection of curiosities, there have been a few things on my mind that I’ve really wanted to obtain. Some of the things I have…

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A Trip to Amsterdam

One day I might learn to take photographs of the interesting places I travel to. Sadly, it didn’t happen in time for the short trip Taru and I made to Amsterdam in late…

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Book Fair and Other Curious Things

Autumn has come, and once again it was time for the annual visit to Helsinki Book Fair. As always, the goal was to find interesting additions to our bookshelf, so on Friday Taru and I prepared for…