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Smile for the Camera, Kids!

Old Photographs

A photograph of three children of different ages, possibly siblings. The older girls stand beside a chair on which the youngest child is seated on, and all three are frowning at the camera with very serious expressions. Either having one’s photograph taken is very serious business for the girls, or they have just been struck by some misfortune, such as a photographer that has tried to make them smile by calling them “raisin-eyes” (this happened to me once as a…

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Old Photographs

Memory from Spring 1866

Picture of two gentlemen raising glasses, standing by a small table that is covered with a frilly cloth. The men are smartly dressed, but they are standing on a worn-out rug that is…

Old Photographs

Pallbearer Girls

On this picture eight girls, dressed in white, are carrying a white coffin. It appears to have been a beautiful, sunny day during late summer (judging by the stacks of hay in the…

Old Photographs


Two rather small and blurred photographs taken in Congo Free State in the beginning of the 20th century, one showing a cheerful man on horseback, the other showing the same man sitting…

Old Photographs

The White Coffin

Picture of a horse-drawn hearse carrying a white coffin on a snowy country road. The photograph dates from approximately the 1920’s, and has most likely been taken in Finland. The photographer and…