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Memory of Aunt Tilda and Bobbi

Old Photographs

Photograph of a curly-haired small dog with a collar and a bow on its neck. Someone, most likely a child, has written on the back of the photograph: “Minne av tant Tilda Fröberj och Bobbi Kafe Elite 1923.” (“A memory of aunt Tilda Fröberj and Bobbi, Kafe Elite, 1923.”) Bobbi, I assume, is the name of the little dog in the picture. No information is known about aunt Tilda, except for her name (whoever wrote the text spelled it wrong;…

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Old Photographs

One of Ecklin’s Boarders

A photograph of a woman posing with a cat that has a bow ribbon on its neck. Both the woman’s and the cat’s name are written on the photograph: the woman was…