These ended up in my possession some years ago. My mother was going through some old boxes and about to throw the contents away, but luckily happened to ask me first if there was anything I wanted to keep for myself. I don’t know which book these pages are from, but I know they’ve come from my father’s bookshop to my mother, who used them for some of her hand-made home decorations. I remember there used to be more of these, but the other pages, portraying butterflies more colourful and pretty than the moths that were spared, were sacrificed in the hands of my dear mother for the sake of our home’s appearance.

The acherontia atropos, or the Death’s-head Hawk moth, was always my favourite. As the delightfully morbid individual that I’ve been even in the tender years of my childhood, I was drawn to the skull pattern on the moths back. To me, that made the moth more beautiful and intriguing than any of its less sinister counterparts. I was always urging my mother to use this particular illustration for her decorations, but she always refused. Luckily, as otherwise I wouldn’t now be able to marvel at its beauty once again, now that I own these pages and am able to look at them whenever I want. And so are you, dear reader. As you’ve noticed, I’ve scanned the pages just so you could see them. Well, you and anyone else who happens to stumble along this site. Here they are!

Torn-Out Pages from an Unknown Book

  1. Sphingidae: Acherontia atropos, Protoparce convolvuli, Sphinx ligustri
  2. Notodontidae, Lymantriidae: Cerura bifida, Notodonta ziczac, N. dromerarius, Pterostoma palpina, Pygaera curtula, Thaumetopoea processionea, Orgyia gonostigma, O. antiqua, Dasychira fascelina, D. pudiunda, Drepana falcataria
  3. Saturniidae: Saturnia pyri, S. pavonia, Aglia tau
  4. Noctuidae: Demas coryli, Acronycta aceris, A. psi, A. rumicis, Agrotis pronuba, Agr. segetum, Charaeas graminis, Mamestra brassicae, M. oleracea, M. pisi, Dianthoecia nana, Diloba caeruleocephala, Dichonia aprilina
  5. Noctuidae, Cymatophoridae: Cucullia verbasci, C. umbratica, C. argentea, Chariclea delphinii, Acontia luctuosa, Scoliopteryx libatrix, Plusia moneta, Pl. chrysitis, Pl. festucae, Pl. gamma, Euclidia glyphica, Herminia tentacularia, Hypena rostralis, Habrosyne derasa, Thyatira batis, Cymatophora or, Brephos parthenias
  6. Geometridae: Venilia mascularia, Semiothisa liturata, Hybernia defoliaria, Biston hirtaria, Amphidasis betularia, Boarmia cinctaria, B. gemmaria, B. repandata, B. crepuscularia, Gnophos obscuraria, Gn. furvata, Ematurga atomaria, Bupalus piniarius, Thamnonoma wauaria, Phasiane clathrata
  7. Sesiidae, Cossiidae, Hepialidae: Trochilium apiforme, Sciapteron tabaniformis, Sesia tipuliformis, S. culiciformis, Cossus cossus, Zeuzera pyrina, Hepialus humuli, H. sylvina, H. hecta

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