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And so begins my latest attempt at trying to get this site running on all its mismatched, horribly mutated little feet. This site is the dwelling place in the land of the internet for all the bits of information, questionably artistic works, miscellaneous thoughts and other pieces of myself I feel like sharing with the rest of the world. Basically this site is meant to serve a few different purposes, which are:

  1. Being my personal online diary
    Pretty uninteresting for anyone who doesn’t know me in person or doesn’t stalk me obsessively, I suppose. Still, I feel like keeping some sort of a journal of my life on this website is something I want to to, so there you are. I won’t share anything too personal, but rather things I hope to interest others than just myself. If my personal (lack of) life is of no interest to you, feel free to skip the blog section of this site and move on to the (hopefully) more interesting parts.
  2. Displaying my collection of old photographs
    It would be sad if my collection of antique photography, or a pile of old photographs, which it might also be called and which probably gives a more accurate impression, were to just stay hidden in my drawer only to be viewed by myself. I’m especially interested in post mortem photography and photographs that display something strange and unusual. My collection is quite small and humble at the moment, though, so don’t expect anything too grand!
  3. Serving as a place where I can gather everything and anything I want to share with the world
    This includes other curious ephemera I have in my possession besides old photographs, the products of my occasional artsy-fartsiness, musings on any subject that comes to my mind, book reviews, etc. Anything, really.

Running this website/blog thingy is Elm, an aspiring writer and a delightfully morbid individual. For more useless information, head towards this page.

There. Hello, and welcome.

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