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I am a cat owner, and like most cat owners, I, too, love to talk about my cats. It is not unlikely at all that I’ll mention these furry little critters again in the future from time to time, so I believe a little introduction might be in order. Say hello to our trio of little feline poop machines family members!

Säde — domestic cat, female (spayed), soon 8 years old

Pictured above on the left is Säde, looking unusually refined and cat-like. Most often this little peabrain goes around looking like a half-flattened furry football, but let’s allow her to appear normal for once. Säde may not be the brightest of cats (although her name translates as “beam” or “ray”, as in “ray of light”), but she is dearly loved nonetheless. She has asthma and various allergies, and although she has required numerous visits to the vet in the past, she has been mostly free of health problems for the last couple of years.

Manuli — domestic cat, female (spayed), 1½ years old

Manuli, pictured above in the middle, is the newest addition to our family. Officially we named her Manteli (“Almond”), but for some reason we’ve got used to calling her Manuli. Manuli came to us as a rescue cat. Her paws were hardened by the icy streets, and at some point something had happened to her tail. It was so badly injured when the people of the animal rescue organisation found her that it had to be amputated. Manuli might have lost her tail, but she never lost her ability to trust people and enjoy life. She’s very playful and constantly making different kinds of purring sounds.

Tuikku — Norwegian forest cat, female (spayed), soon 11 years old

Tuikku, pictured above on the right, is the queen cat in this household, ruling her realm with an iron paw. She’s a skinny little thing underneath all that fluff, even though she demands up to three pieces of dried, crunchy chicken necks a day besides her regular meals. Within her burns a need to destroy all things made of paper and cardboard, presumably because a piece of paper fell on her when she was a kitten, or because of some other similar tragedy. Still, she’s a lovely little creature who loves to curl up in a warm lap and to be petted and adored.

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